Glenlore Trails

A startup created during the pandemic to offset the shut down of events, and deliver a little joy.


The concept for themed entertainment had been on my radar for a number of years. In our corporate event work we see a consistent dip in revenue during third quarter, something we affectionally call the Q3 slump. Interestingly, until you realize it follows the school year, the entertainment event market goes up in Q3 so the thought of adding in some B2C entertainment type projects to offset that slump was attractive. Bringing that to life proved to be a bit more challenging.

It’s not that we have no work in Q3 – just less than the other quarters. The proposition of taking a bunch of our inventory and locking it up for six weeks while it sits in the woods for a non-guaranteed amount of revenue was less than appealing to the team. This move would cause the work we do have in hand to be less profitable. 

The pandemic changed that for us. There was literally zero work on the board so our gear was all dressed up with nowhere to go. The name Glenlore Trails was a working title, named after a defunct golf course near my house that I thought would make a good venue. Turns out someone had purchased the property and there was no interest in our concept. I ended up really liking the name, so it stuck, even if the location changed up. The result was incredible. Months of back-to-back sold out event dates, and really positive feedback from the community. 


Glenlore Trails

What We Did

Complete Startup; Concept to Operations


People reached through social, media, & radio ads


Customers safely served, without incident


Dollars earned in a fast 5 month span

The Results

“There’s a new trippy illuminated forest in Michigan and we want to go to there” – Metro Times

We’re setting out to change the expectations for entertainment with multi-sensory, story driven concepts.

This program was a phenomenal success for our team, and quite honestly a much needed breath of fresh air given the circumstances. The outcome of this endeavor is an entirely new business unit within our organization – one that will likely be spun out into its own entity.

We’re already pushing hard into future programming, adding to the concepts, extending the length of the trails, and building in more layers of content to inch us closer to our vision of changing the world of entertainment. If our concept were a movie, it would be Inception. Layers of visual media that connect and build on each other to create an immersive, movie-like, experience.

A few of the headlines.

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