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Story Platforms.

Combining a little creativity with both physical and digital canvases can create entirely new spaces - the kind that used to only live in our imaginations. Thanks to decreasing costs of technology, easier access to artists, and brands willing to explore the boundaries of creativity, these kinds of spaces are now coming to life with great fanfare. We help create the kind of environments that inspire audiences, provoke the senses, and create shared experiences across communities.

Let’s take a trip into the unknown.

The world of themed entertainment has stepped into the limelight over the last few years. An appreciation for this new format of storytelling has helped fuel the incredible growth of these experiences. 

Immersive art, themed entertainment, themed experiences, experiential spaces – whatever you call them, these environments can be extremely valuable; as new standalone businesses, creating unexpected touchpoints for brands, adding new revenue streams, and most importantly, making people smile. 

We help brands design immersive spaces and bespoke activations that create community around shared experience. As a bonus these spaces provide moments for user generated content, social chatter, opportunity for revenue streams, and lots of smiles.

Built on Layers ™️

This is the process we’ve created for designing themed environments that provide flexibility in deployment and freedom to explore your creativity. Built on Layers is a framework that guides you through the physical requirements for immersive experiences, how to connect them to your brand, to culture, or to a movement. This approach stacks elements in a way that allows you to add depth and additional context as time goes on. What are the layers? A few of them include;


In real estate, there's a phrase that goes; location, location, location! The places you deploy immersive experiences are every bit a part of the experience as the content and art within.


From creating the data and power grid to designing the required canvases for story, the infrastructure lives in the shadows providing the critical means to deliver wonder.


Have you ever seen the movie Inception? The story layers are kind of like that. These contextual layers can include a main story line, sub plots, interactive elements, and can change over time.


From the user generated content, social chatter, and shared experiences, to the paths to purchase and how your visitors are treated on site, the community layers are the most important.

What does a typical design engagement look like?

While the output of these programs is always unique, the process to get there is consistent. We’ll start by creating a program framework. This is a definition of the objectives and any desires, wants, or needs. We’ll discuss the guardrails, and explore other work for inspiration as well as to help provide guidance on budget expectations. We’ll work through initial timelines, and then get to work on the design pack. 

A typical design pack contains a complete program overview, including;

  • Any research, considerations, or appropriate findings
  • Conceptual drawings, illustrations, or renderings
  • Storyboards, character designs, or mood boards
  • Activation concepts
  • Sound design recommendation
  • Engineering diagrams (CAD)
  • Parts list
  • Expected labor requirements
  • Appropriate timelines
  • Proposal for fulfillment by Bluewater & partners

A design pack provides everything needed to create alignment, secure financing, and generate excitement around a high impact program. From there we can continue through fulfillment, or work to handoff to a preferred vendor.

Here's what a themed deployment can look like.

IllumiZoo; connecting nature, and humanity.

September 9, 2020

Glenlore Trails; a creative startup

August 31, 2020

Spectre; street art meets tech

May 24, 2019

Are you ready to bring dreams to life?

Let’s win big. We’re here to help you create the kind of magic that only immersive entertainment can provide. From night walks and magical events, to brand activations and themed environments, let’s make people smile.