A multi-sensory media show with messaging reflecting conservation, nature, and wildlife.


On the heels of the success at Glenlore Trails, we were approached by a number different institutions, municipalities and independents who owned property and were eager to learn more about the experience and see if there was a fit to create new revenue streams. One category of interest to us was the Zoological community. We already provide support to The Detroit Zoo, and had a good relationship with John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. It was a natural fit to explore this concept with John Ball Zoo further. The result was IllumiZoo, an enchanted evening experience that allowed the Zoo to monetize their evenings, and to attract the golden demographic; the 18-30 year olds who don’t have children and might not otherwise visit the Zoo.

IllumiZoo, much like Glenlore, is a sensory experience created to provide something safe, entertaining, and meaningful for those looking to get outdoors during a time of desperate need. However, the focus is on conservation, nature, wildlife, and the connection we all share. This focus is reflected in the messaging and in the visuals created to bring the experience to life.

We had an incredible response in our first year in Grand Rapids, so we continued to expand the concept and began taking it to other locations. The Jacksonville Zoo & Garden in Florida was the next location we activated this themed experience. The response here was similar – and the community was thrilled to have something to do during the evening, during the middle of the summer months when it’s too hot during the day to comfortably go outside for any extended period of time.  



What We Did

Complete Startup; Concept to Operations


People reached through social, media, & radio ads


Customers safely served, without incident


Additional dollars generated each year.

The Results

“IllumiZoo has all the light moves. I’m all in.” – Visit Jacksonville

We’re setting out to change the expectations for entertainment with multi-sensory, story driven concepts.

IllumiZoo is a multi-sensory experience that combines state-of-the art technology and story-telling into an immersive family-friendly event at Zoos across the country. It explores the illuminating connections between wildlife and wild places through fun approachable canvasses. The concept supports the fact that we are all connected to each other, to the land, the water, the air, the trees, and all animals big and small with the power to make a positive change in our world.

The experience generally takes an hour or more at each location we activate, as visitors make their way through dozens of activations, light installations, story moments and interactive experiences.

A few of the headlines.

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