Mayo Clinic

Practical use of financial & operating data in business theatre.


Mayo Clinic is known around the world as one of the leading healthcare providers, especially for complex care. In fact, US News & World Report ranks Mayo #1 in 14 different specialties. Our team at Bluewater partnered with the Mayo Clinic creative team to create and produce an event experience for their Board of Trustees Special Session in February 2019 within an extremely tight timeline of only seven weeks from receipt of PO to the event.

The overarching goal of the event was to educate and enlighten the trustees regarding financial factors affecting the institution over the next 10 years – “Bold Forward for 2030.”  The attendees were highly educated and business savvy individuals from high-level positions within Mayo Clinic, as well as external positions in Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions.

For this particular meeting the team at Mayo wanted to take their operating data, financials, and forward looking vision and craft a story that helped explore what the future of care at Mayo looked like. The initial problem they faced was that financial statements alone don’t always hold the room. They knew that their stakeholders came with a diverse background and that some type of language based


Board of Trustees Meeting

What We Did

Strategy; Scriptwriting; Interactive Design; Production


Functional areas within one ballroom


Interactive learning stations designed from data


Critical participants involved in meeting

Creating business theatre with real world data, purpose, and creative intent.

Bluewater supported Mayo Clinic on both aspects of the event from concept and design through execution including script writing, interactive design, build-out, assembly/set-up and on-site support. Our strategy for this experience consisted of two primary components within a single ballroom space.

1. A main stage presentation

  • Set-up in the center of the room
  • Two rows of theater seating
  • “Stage area” able to accommodate 5-7 seated panelists and three screens

2. Six interactive “Learning Stations” stationed around the room designed to help attendees understand the significance and risk of Mayo Clinic’s current financial model

  • Three focused on demonstrating the present (2020)
  • Three focused on future state (2030)

Each of the six Learning Stations had a specific topical focus designed to help attendees understand the significance and potential risk of Mayo Clinic’s current financial model. Attendees were allotted 20 minutes at the beginning of the event to visit all six interactive stations (3-4 minutes per station). Each station was equipped with two screens with identical content to facilitate throughput within the condensed timeframe.

The goal was to have all attendees visit all six stations before they were seated for the stage presentation in order to heighten the relevancy and impact of that presentation. Each station was staffed with an expert on that particular topic who briefly informed attendees how to interact at each screen and answered any follow-up questions about the data the attendees may have had.

Learning Stations were also available for the attendees to peruse more informally on their own during event breaks.