High impact meetings & events.

Events are the ultimate platform for delivering messaging, entertainment, and fun. The planning process can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned event professionals - the decisions, the planning, the planning to cover things if your plans don't work out. This can quickly create decision fatigue, or worse, become burdensome rather than offer the satisfaction that should come along with executing a world class event.

Our team has been working events for over 35 years; backstage, on-stage, and everywhere in between. We've been part of some of the largest events in the world, and support some of the smallest meetings you could have. We've been engaged to provide just the event technology, and we've been tasked with designing the entire production.

Here’s where we can help.

Design & Strategy

We consult with brands to help create high impact meetings & events. Our team will take on the legwork of design, creative, marketing, planning, and anything else needed to help make sure your event is memorable.


Let us bring the heavy. With a sizable inventory, access to incredible event talent, and our own fabrication facilities - you can completely transform a space and produce a world class experience with a single call.

We've helped dozens of companies create more impactful events.

What does a typical design engagement look like?

While the output of these programs is always unique, the process to get there is consistent. We’ll start by creating a program framework. This is a definition of the objectives and any desires, wants, or needs. We’ll discuss the guardrails, and explore other work for inspiration as well as to help provide guidance on budget expectations. We’ll work through initial timelines, and then get to work on the design pack. 

A typical design pack contains a complete program overview, including;

  • Any research, considerations, or appropriate findings
  • Conceptual drawings, illustrations, or renderings
  • Storyboards, character designs, or mood boards
  • Engineering diagrams (CAD)
  • Parts list
  • Expected labor requirements
  • Appropriate timelines
  • Proposal for fulfillment by Bluewater & partners

A design pack provides everything needed to create alignment, secure financing, and generate excitement around a high impact program. From there we can continue through fulfillment, or work to handoff to a preferred vendor.

Curious to see what that looks like? Here are a few examples.

UAE Year of the Fiftieth; a global celebration

December 1, 2021

Mayo Clinic; the art of creating story

May 13, 2020

Call of Duty; league launch event

January 26, 2020

Are you ready to create more impact for your brand?

Let’s win big. We’re here to help you create the kind of magic that will draw more attention to your brand, help you capture more market , and make people smile along the way.