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The Power of Data in Brand Storytelling

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Most often a request for an experiential space is tied to an important objective: Help us to tell our story in a meaningful way. For many organizations that story is tied to, or can be supercharged through, the use of data that’s collected through everyday business activities.

Often this information is hidden within a database most often just serving an ERP or various business dashboards. There are a few interesting aspects to highlight at this point:

  1. Data is a living thing that is frequently updated.
  2. Data can make a huge impact on how you tell your brand story.
  3. You are already collecting it.

The most difficult part about using data for brand storytelling is collecting and interpreting the data. However, most companies already have this dialed in! It’s the KPIs that drive strategy and give a snapshot to organizational health.

Taking this data and applying a creative treatment to it allows you to transform it into a living story that keeps itself up to date. This could be the number of active users, time since last incident, number of employees, number of charitable hours contributed YTD, average response time, or anything that’s a critical element of your brand story.

The most beautiful thing about visualizing your data is the story always stays current. In most cases you can completely automate the retrieval of information and the update of visual content. This provides a very low maintenance experience for stakeholders.

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